I am flabbergasted at the number of inaccurate ‘professional’ opinions circulating throughout Google which are poor tanning advice. For example, below is a question that I found on Google:


Should I get medium or dark spray tan?

The response on Google is below:


“If you plan to sport your summer brights, consider a nice medium to dark tone that will give you a summer glow. In winter, there is less light, and people tend to wear darker, richer colors like greens, reds, and black. A soft golden tone may be the perfect spray tan shade during the cooler months.”


On the surface, the above response seams reasonable enough, but as you read on you’ll discover this is not the case.

So let me start by saying that Sundance Collections PTY LTD is professionally formulated and manufactured by me.  I have over 30 years of experience in both colour analysis and formulation manufacturing.  In this blog, I will educate you and speak truth into some of the ridiculous answers so-called “professionals” post on Google:

Unfortunately, there’s no regulation of the fake tanning industry to prevent anyone calling themselves a “professional” spray tanner, and this is evidenced through the wide-ranging and inaccurate opinions available on Google. How can you, as a consumer, ascertain whether the ‘professional’ is genuine and that their ‘professional’ opinions are accurate?  I want to ensure the consumer receives the correct information. Therefore, I will accurately explain the answers to the Google question raised earlier below:

Should I get medium or dark spray tan – Advice from a Colour analysis and formulator?

Fake tans are always more complimentary to the user, when the fake tan is 2 -3 shades darker than the original skin colour. The depth of the fake tan should also match with the user’s skin tone, hair and eye colour. Always consider the season that you are in e.g.; Create more colour depth in Summer and lighter depth in Winter.


Choosing the right tanning depth (meaning how dark or how light) can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to fake tanning. There is such a vast amount of misinformation and over-saturation of tanning products on the market, that it is understandable how confusing choosing the right tanning depth can be.

To make Sundance the Designer Tan – fake tanning easier to follow, I will break this up into areas:

COOL Range
WARM Range



The following table shows what fake tan depth/level is suitable for the user.
Level 1

Usually freckles. Often burns then peels. Never tans. Very pale white skin. Normally light blue or light green eyes. Red hair.

Level 2

Some freckles. Burns occasionally. Does not tan easily. Sometimes tans in areas. White skin. Normally blue or green eyes. Fair hair.

Level 3

Doesn’t really freckle or maybe the occasional freckle. Burns rarely. Often tans. Brown, Hazel or, Dark Blue eyes. Brown hair.

Level 4

Rarely freckles. Almost never burns. Always tans. Brown, Hazel or, Dark Blue eyes. Brown hair. Tanned skin.

Level 5

Never freckles. Never burns. Always tans. Dark brown or black skin, dark eyes, and dark hair.

A cleverly designed algorithm is available to help you through selecting the right tan, just for you.


So, there it is – you can get the best advice from the people who actually manufacture the product – Sundance the Designer Tan.






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