Sundance The Designer Tan’s TM vision is to create the most perfect natural tan, designed specifically for the individual client. By using a cleverly created online questionnaire via the website’s ‘Tan Selector – Design Your Tan’, this questionnaire enables your clients to make the ‘right’ decision, suitable for their own skin tone. This cleverly designed online algorithm known as ‘Design Your Tan’ was created to impart 33+ years of professional industry knowledge through extensive knowledge of colour accuracy to formulate unique, signature colours and the results are a completely natural-looking tan from the moment of application.


Sundance The Designer Tan TM formulates & manufactures its own products and has formulated tens of thousands of trials and challenges through Research & Development.


Here’s why you should Join the Sundance The Designer Tan Tribe


  • Wider range of choices. 10 (5 Warm and 5 Cool) unique colour tones to choose from, ensuring a variety of individual tans to your client. Not limited to 3 ‘popular’ choices. No more limited to fancy descriptive names e.g. Greek Goddess.
  • Natural in tone. Why do clients choose (or have the choice of) Green, Violet & Ash colours? On average, 92% of clients who choose to use a fake tan have an event the following day. If the client applies (or is sprayed) green, their undertone for their skin and their event will be green.
  • Consultation free.  Automated colour consultation for your client via the online ‘Design Your Tan’. Your client can even complete this questionnaire pre- arrival, to save you time.
  • Online visual colour chart for your client. These tans are extremely accurate however, they are also indications only. Remember that the client is unique and so too is their skin tone. Their natural base will ultimately determine their own unique result.
  • Australian owned manufactured. By supporting Australian owned companies, you are supporting the rotation of ongoing income.
  • All tanning products are 100% Vegan.
  • Cruelty Free. Even the amazingly soft Natural Goat’s Hair brush has been ethically and responsibly sourced.
  • All Natural ingredients.
  • Advance technology to reduce the fake tanning odor and streaking. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Sundance The Designer Tan TM ensures less odour than other tanning products.
  • Sundance The Designer Tan TM is designed to create velvety homogenous skin tones to enhance a natural appearance. Enriched with anti-aging, advanced hydration and skin firming properties.
  • Designed to absorb to the skin super quick, which gives your client a dryer tan, less sticky and less tan transfer onto clothing.
  • Face to face training and ongoing online support.
Sundance is The Designer Tan. Designed by you. Designed for you.

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Sundance is The Designer Tan.
Designed by you! Designed for you!


Sundance is inspired to create personalised beauty products that radiates confidence and vitality. Our professionally formulated products are designed to protect and nourish your skin, to give you a more youthful appearance. All Sundance Collections PTY LTD products are manufactured in-house to the highest levels of quality. We guarantee it!

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Sundance is about Clean Beauty:  Ensuring that all ingredients are composed of ethic and environmental considerations, which are not harmful to the human body or environment. Sundance has an obligation to create sustainable products for our future.  

Sundance is about Microbiome: The hero ingredient within our tanning products is Erythrulose, which improves the skin. Erythrulose provides a “beautiful natural-looking, homogenous and glowing skin tone colour that enriches the appearance of the skin.”


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