Using our TAN SELECTOR is super easy!  But, if you’re having difficulty in know what to do, please read this guide first.

If you’re already familiar with our product range and want to go ahead and make a purchase, then simply click on SELF SELECT TAN and choose your product from our range.

If you’ve never used our products before, we would encourage you to select the DESIGN YOUR TAN option.  Our algorithm is designed to allow you to input your personal hair, skin and eye specifications into the system, and the algorithm will recommend the best tanning product based on your information.

First, you’ll be asked about what gender you are so that you have an opportunity to see a graphic to symbolise you.  Then you be asked to select options from our colour palettes, with descriptors, to determine your skin colour and tone. Simply pick the option that best describes your skin.

Next, you’ll be asked about your hair.  You’ll initially be asked to choose from general hair colours, which will then take you to more specific options for hair colours.  If you feel you may have made a poor choice, simply click on BACK to be taken to the previous screen.

After your hair colour is chosen, you’ll move onto your eyes.  Again, you’ll be given general options to click on, followed by more specific options to match your eye colour.  Choose BACK if you’ve made a mistake.

Finally, you’ll be offered skin options to select how dark you want to go with your tan.  To get the best result for a natural-looking tan, we recommend that you choose skin options that are 2 to 3 shades darker than your current skin colour.  You probably know someone who has chosen a tan that’s too dark to look natural on them – that’s why we created a range of tan levels in our products – so you can make the best selection for you.

The recommended product will appear on your screen – simply add the product to your cart – it’s that easy….

If you’re still stuck, the video below should help.


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Sundance is The Designer Tan. Designed by you. Designed for you.


We believe in creating personalised products that are designed to best suit the individual’s unique colour tones, according to their own eyes, hair and skin colour. 

‘Colour’ has an effect on how we feel, how we see ourselves and how others perceive us. Colours evoke  emotions and should be considered when choosing the correct colour of the individual’s self-tanning products.  

Sundance was designed to feel confident and to look beautiful with natural-looking, homogenous & glowing skin tone colour that enriches the appearance of the skin. Sundance The Designer Tan is about creating a natural-looking tan that looks so good, you won’t believe it’s fake.

We ensure that all ingredients are composed of ethical and environmental considerations, which are not harmful to the human body or environment.

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Sundance is about Clean Beauty:  Ensuring that all ingredients are composed of ethic and environmental considerations, which are not harmful to the human body or environment. Sundance has an obligation to create sustainable products for our future.  

Sundance is about Microbiome: The hero ingredient within our tanning products is Erythrulose, which improves the skin. Erythrulose provides a “beautiful natural-looking, homogenous and glowing skin tone colour that enriches the appearance of the skin.”


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