So – what is the best fake tan for me?

Below, I have listed the 10 top tips on how to best get the best fake tan for me. But before you fast forward and read the ending, it is important that you should know that the company that develops your fake tanning product should always have a solid background in understanding how to formulate the best fake tan for me.

This is the million-dollar question that we all want answered; what is the best fake tan for me? Hands down the answer to this question is simple: Sundance The Designer Tan. Hope you have a great day………In all seriousness though, everyone’s needs are different and personalised to receive the ‘best tan for me’. You are unique and so too is your skin tone. Your natural base skin tone should ultimately determine a unique result of your fake tan (please refer to Sundance ‘Take the Quiz’. See below instructions).

Because I have been involved within the beauty industry for over 33 years and have extensive training in Phycology of Colour, formulating and manufacturing, I know what it takes to develop the best fake tanning products available. Since the end of Solariums beds in 2007, fake tanning consumers have always remained steadfast for their quest for the ‘best tan’.

Here are 10 top tips on how to best get the best fake tan for me;

  1. Fake tanning should always remain natural in appearance. On average 92% of those who choose to use a fake tan, have an event the following day. The colourants (Green, Ash, Violet or Natural) within that particular product that the consumer has applied, will normally be evident on the event. Therefore, if the individual applies a green based fake tan, they should expect a green based result the following day.
  2. Know what level of depth is best suitable for you. I normally recommend that fake tans should remain 1 – 2 shades darker than their own colour and in some cases going too dark is, well, too dark. However, you are the right person to know what the best fake tan depth is for you and should always wear it with confidence.
  3. Fake tanning should complement the person’s skin tone, either warm or cool. You should always be wearing the tan – not the tan wearing you.
  4. You could purchase and apply the exact same fake tanning product that your friend or relative purchases, but your tan looks completely different to his or hers. You need to remember that you are unique and so too is your own skin tone. Your natural base will ultimately determine a unique result.
  5. Use a quick drying, non-sticky tan which are always best, such as Sundance the Design Tan Natural Mousse. No-one wants to feel sticky all day…
  6. Use a tanning product with odour reduction properties. Sundance The Designer Tan has created the formulation to significantly reduce odors by counteracting these odors, using our unique signature blend of fragrances including Pina Colada.
  7. Moisturising, which is different to stickiness, allows the skin to feel supple and alive. Stickiness just leaves the skin to feel sticky.
  8. Anything that you apply to the skin should always be safe and should be approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and/or, The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Sundance the Design Tan Natural mousse meets those requirements.
  9. Consider ethically sourced and environmental products when choosing the best fake tan. At Sundance, we strive for the best options to reduce our environmental footprint.
  10. Always, always, always chose the best fake tan for you; based on the formulator/ manufacturer who knows the tanning, cosmetic and colour industry, because they know you best.

There are two ways to find the best fake tan…Go to the home page and choose ‘Tan Selector’.

1). The consumer can choose to make their own decision on the fake tan desired “Self-Select Tan”, without going through the personalised ‘Take the Quiz’. Or,

2). Take the Quiz and design your tan. The consumer can design their best fake tan and answer a few quick questions to assist in the consumers desired effect.

Sundance The Designer Tan recommends that the best fake tan should always remain natural in appearance.

N.B. If the consumer desires to use a fake tan 2 or more shades darker than their own natural skin colour, then 2 or more applications should be applied to the skin.

Always follow and read the instructions.





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