Let’s face it (pardon the pun), skin care takes effort and pimples can be confidence crushers! I know for myself that whenever I get that Mount Vesuvius pimple appear on my face, there’s just never enough foundation to conceal what I believe, everyone is staring at!

During and after puberty, pimples are inevitable. During puberty our hormones increase and we produce androgens. Androgens have an impact on several functions on the human body, and one of those areas that androgens affect is the skin (upper torso, arms, neck & face).

Pimples occur when the sebaceous gland secretes sebum (oil) within the follicle and the follicle becomes infected with bacteria, forming a raised pustule head.

Several factors can trigger pimples such as:

  1. Puberty: As suggested above, during puberty the body produces a hormone known as androgens, producing greater amounts of sebaceous oil (sebum).


  1. Certain foods: Dairy & whey proteins (derivative of dairy), Sugars, Processed foods and alcohol.


  1. Gut Health: According to our personal Dermatologist, our doctor stated that there is not enough evidence at this stage, to prove that gut health is related to skin issues. However, there is a large amount of research formatting nowadays to prove the relatable correlations between internal gut health issues corresponding with external skin issues. The old antage of ‘You are what you eat”. It’s important to make healthy food decisions in order to be healthy.


  1. Some topical creams, lotions and cosmetics: Certain topical comedogenic skin care ingredients tend to cause blockages to the pores of the skin but not necessarily cause the bacteria of which pimples are associated. Products that contain ingredients such as Vitamin E is a non-comedogenic and usually has antioxidants and antibacterial properties.


  1. Hygiene: Pimples are not caused by a lack of hygiene. In fact, over stimulating the sebaceous gland can sometimes result in greater secretions of oils. It is important to keep the surface of your skin clean, free from bacteria’s.


  1. Medications/Drugs: Skin is an amazing tattle-tale!  It has an effecitve warning system to divulge what is going on inside. Some medications such as antiepileptics (anti-seizure drugs), contraceptives, antidepressants, and social drugs may trigger tell-tale pimples appearing.


How do I stop pimples?

You can’t stop puberty, but you can examine yourself regarding the other triggers and see if you are able to use alternatives.

In my previous blog “Derm – Exfoliants”, I described two types of exfoliants; physical and chemical.  Simply put, the purpose of an exfoliant is to remove the dead skin cells, allowing your skin to breath, and to remove bacteria.

Sundance The Designer Tan’s Derm-Exfoliant is a physical exfoliant designed for all skin types to rejuvenate and oxygenate, through stimulation, by removing impurities and dull skin cells. This allows new skin cells to appear, transforming your complexion into a radiant, youthful appearance.  Our Derm-Exfoliant can reduce fine lines and unclog pores without harshly stripping away the skin’s protective layer.  It is excellent to use for preparation prior to using Sundance The Designer Tan Tanning Mousse, for the longevity of your tan. It is suitable to use on the body and face.


Step by step on how to best use the Derm-Exfoliant to reduce pimples:

  1. Moisten the skin surface prior to application of the Derm-exfoliant. Ensure that you avoid contact with sunburn, open wounds, sensitive areas, unusual sores and peeling skin. Avoid application of Derm-exfoliant around the eye area.
  2. If you’re using your fingers to massage in the Derm-exfoliant, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly, including under your nails, prior to use so as to reduce bacterial transfer. Try not to over-stimulate the skin’s surface, or you run the risk of producing more sebum (oil).
  3. For your face, start with a small amount of exfoliant, gently massaging onto the T- Zone and spread evenly over the face. For other areas, gently massage in the Derm-exfoliant.
  4. If your skin is relatively young, do not massage in the Derm-exfoliant. Apply the Derm-exfoliant topically to the skin surface and leave for a short time.
  5. Rinse off gently without any rubbing – allow the water to disperse the Derm-exfoliant.
  6. Derm -exfoliant has (see below) effective moisturising ingredients, useful as an additional barrier that prevents moisture from escaping. Allow the face to cool, apply a small amount of Hydrasoft Moisturiser over the exfoliated area.

Key ingredients & Benefits to using Sundance the Designer Tan Derm – Exfoliant:

Pumice Stone Exfoliant

Pumice Stone is a super-fine pumice stone that is particularly good as an abrasive for tough skin to assist in the removal of dead skin cells.

Walnut Exfoliant

Super fine walnut granules leave the skin smooth and radiant by gently removing impurities and coarse skin cells.

Decyl Glucoside

Decyl Glucoside is mild non-ionic surfactant that aids in keeping skin naturally healthy, and combats irritation and dry skin. It has the superior ability to form and hold stable foam, making it ideal for bath products like bubble baths.


Glycerine is great for the skin because it acts as a humectant, allowing the skin to retain moisture. Glycerine also increases skin hydration, relieves dryness, and refreshes the skin’s surface. In addition, it’s also an emollient, which means it can soften skin.

Almond Face & Body Exfoliant

Almonds ground into granules create a gentle, creamy exfoliant containing natural plant oils to soften and cleanse the skin.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil, rich in the antioxidants Vitamin A and Vitamin E, help to promote skin health by regenerating damaged skin cells and removing acne-causing bacteria. A natural moisturizer, sunflower oil also aids in treating dry, sensitive skin.

Cetearyl Alcohol

Used to help soften the skin and hair, Cetearyl alcohol thickens and stabilizes products such as lotions and hair products. As an emollient, Cetearyl alcohol is an effective ingredient for soothing and healing dry skin.

Caprylic/capric triglycerides

Caprylic triglycerides have been widely used in the cosmetic industry for more than 50 years. They help smooth the skin and work as an antioxidant. They also bind other ingredients together, and can work as a preservative to make the active ingredients in cosmetics last longer.

Almond Sweet Oil

One of the most powerful, beneficial elements of almond sweet oil is its fatty acids. They help the skin retain moisture and keep it hydrated while the Vitamin E soothes irritation.

Shea Butter

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins found in shea butter make it an ideal cosmetic ingredient for softening skin. That’s why using shea butter on your body, especially your face, can condition, tone, and soothe your skin.

Natural Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant substance that aids in the protection of your cells against the effects of free radicals — molecules produced when your body breaks down food or is exposed to tobacco smoke and radiation. Free radicals are thought to play a role in heart disease and cancer.

Macadamia Nut Oil

An excellent source of Vitamin E, macadamia nut oil is rich in monounsaturated fats that your skin absorbs without feeling greasy. These fatty acids mimic your skin’s natural oils, nourish the skin, help combat dry skin, and lock in moisture; allowing you to maintain your natural glow.

Avocado Oil

According to research, avocado oil, along with other natural oils, can be beneficial for your skin. The naturally-occurring A,D and E vitamins, fatty acids and proteins found in avocado oil help moisturize and protect your skin from damaging UV rays while it increases collagen metabolism.

Stearic carbomer

Stearic carbomer help to give the mixture a smooth, silky texture.


Dimethicone is a gentle and effective moisturizing ingredient for all skin types. It is especially useful for those whose skin needs an additional barrier that helps prevent moisture from escaping.

Sodium Metabisulphite

Sodium Metabisulphite acts as a sterilising agent to reduce the growth of mould and bacteria and provide longevity for the self-tanning product.

Now you’re all set.  For more information about our products, go to www.sundancedesignertan.com.au.




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